Kokomo Opalescent Glass has been making our world famous hand mixed sheet glass for over 128 years. The process remains very much the same as is was in the beginning. “Recipes” that are over 128 years old are still hand mixed to make our world famous sheet art glass. The ingredients are placed into one of the 12 pots of our furnace and overnight they are melted in preparation to become KOG sheet art glass. Glass is scooped out of the pots using one of many sizes of ladles and placed on the mixing table. The molten glass is then hand mixed and sent through the rollers which contain one of 17 textures and positioned to go through the Lehr (the annealing oven) which takes about 1/2 hour to be annealed. Annealing cools the glass slowly which helps to remove internal stresses in glass and to strengthen in. Once annealed it is onto the cutting table and hand cut then packed up for shipment. Producing hand mixed sheet glass in this manner is a very labor intensive process. Below is a panoramic view of our 12 pot furnace.