Determining the cost of a custom designed window or panel can be complicated depending on the type of glass, the amount of pieces and method of construction. We can give you an estimate once you decide on the design and materials, but most people want to know an approximate cost before beginning.

You can determine an approximate cost based on size and the "average" cost of most of our windows. Something simple, like a diamond pattern (shown below) is typically in the $100-$130 per square foot range.
A design more complicated, like the floral pattern (shown below right), usually starts at $120 and can go up from there. Cost depends on glass (color and type), and the amount of pieces of the design.

Diamond Design Window Beveled Window
Simple Design Complex Design

Using the example of the Simple Diamond pattern window above, the following shows how to figure total cost.

You can figure the size of your window with the following calculation:
Measure top left to top right of the opening/window size.
Then measure top left to bottom left of the opening/window size.
Multiply the two numbers to get a total square inches.
Divide this number by 144 to determine square feet.

Left top to Right top: 30" = 800" AND Left top to Left bottom: 24"
30" x 24" = 720 total inches DIVIDED by 144 = 5 TOTAL SQUARE FEET
5 Square Feet x $100 per Square Foot = $500 TOTAL COST

Diamond Design Window


Lampshades are still being made by companies supporting the style of Tiffany.
We carry some of the standard designs in our studio and online, and they are very affordable.
We also can produce lamp designs in the types of glass and colors to match your decor.

Pearson Lampshade  Draf