Glass is made in a variety of colors and textures.

Uroboros manufactures an incredibly diverse range of colors, styles, and special effects sheet glass:
Ring Mottles, Streakies, Fractures, Streamers, Granites, Ripples, and Fibroid Texture
to name a few. These glass sheets are made by hand to create textures, ripples and such
within the glass and also within the color features.

For instance, Fracture glass, or 'Confetti' is made from eggshell-thin blown shards
or flakes of intensely colored glass fused to the bottom of sheets during the rolling process.
They are often used in backgrounds to imply small scale repetitions of foreground features such as leaves
or flowers. Fracture-Streamer glass is fracture glass combined with hand-stretched streamers or strings
of glass. The irregular shaped streamers typically suggest twigs or branches in the background.

Another favorite style, Rippled, is one of the primary specialty glass styles, and is often used for leaf or
water areas, where the use of ripples will help make your work a unique heirloom unmatchable by others.

Here are some examples of Uroboros glass: